10 Reasons Pregnancy Is The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do

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While pregnancy is a wonderful experience for many, and for some even magical – and for all, remembered fondly. There are those among us who also remember the hard parts, the struggles and the pains.

Here are the top ten reasons why pregnancy is the hardest thing you’ll ever do!

Backaches (and the rest!)

Not only the obvious backaches either. Some women suffer terribly from a condition called SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) or PGP (Pevlic Girdle Pain). I had PGP very badly from very early on in my pregnancy and I still have lasting issues now (my little one is nearly 1 year old). Hormones in your body make your ligaments relax beyond their limits and this is very, very painful. For me, my coccyx (tailbone) felt like it was broken for most of my pregnancy and I couldn’t sit or stand for very long at all without being in agony, so it was a constant shuffle between the two!

The Comments

People always want to make a comment when you start to show. Hopefully when you’re beyond the stage of looking like you’ve just eaten a massive Chinese takeaway! It can range from asking simple questions like how far a long you are, to commenting on the size of your bump, how much weight you’ve gained and the fact that their uncle’s aunty’s brother in laws sister had triplets and looked smaller than you! Thanks! And don’t even get me started on the unsolicited advice!!

Hormones – Hello crazy lady!

For me it was in the second trimester. Hello crazy lady! I went from my usual mildly insecure, normal self esteem issues lady to full on paranoid crazy insecure lady overnight and stayed there for more or less two months! My poor other half!


It can be a really stressful time with all the stuff you have to get ready and prepare for. The planning that’s required and for someone like me who is already a bit of a control freak, it was really stressful.


Every little niggle, every little bump or lump or random spot has you freaking out that you have some kind of majorly bad illness that’s going to kill you and your baby. That’s totally normal and is the motherly instinct kicking in to protect you and your baby! Although it makes you a complete paranoid mess most of the time!


Having a baby is a big deal – everything changes. You think to yourself, it’s ok, not much will change. I’m already tired all the time anyway. I can manage on a few hours sleep all the time, it’ll be fine. HAHAHA! You have no idea and you will lie to yourself for most of the pregnancy that you’ll be ok. In fact, you’re actually just trying to adjust to the BIG change that’s happening in your life.


Don’t like hospitals? Well, be prepared to have a good number of visits at them – the obvious one being when you go into labour. If you’re consultant led, you’ll spend a good few hours in hospitals every few weeks or months. Get used to it.

Self Esteem

Remember that slither of self esteem you had where you would occasionally look in the mirror and think, oh actually I look ok! Well, forget it. You’ll feel like a barrage balloon and you won’t look right in anything. Don’t get me wrong, I did occasionally have a “oooh I’ve got that pregnancy glow!” moment in the mirror but it’s not often and to be honest, you get past caring when you’re huge and can barely walk!


It can put a strain on your relationship and you’ve probably hear that before but it’s very true. Make sure you have a solid relationship with your significant other because, wow. Parenthood is hard but it’s also a hard journey to parenthood!


This is the obvious one. It’s bloody hard work giving birth and don’t expect it to be anything other than a real slog. They call it labour for a reason. It’s easier for some, but for most it’s bloody hard work. I had a home birth and it was lovely but that didn’t make it any easier. I would have liked to have been in better shape!

These are the top ten things I can think of that make pregnancy one of the hardest things you’ll ever do! What made pregnancy hard for you? Are you struggling right now? Leave a comment below!

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