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Am I The Only One… Who Didn’t Bother With Socks Until After 1 Year?

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Baby socks. I’ve literally never understood them. They just don’t work.

Obviously, I get why they are thought to be useful! Baby feet get cold (usually due to poor circulation as they are growing etc)… but if any of you have tried to get socks on a baby’s foot and actually get it to stay there all day then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

They literally stay on for all of 2 minutes. They immediately roll off or slip off. I’ve never found a pair that were suitable for babies under one year old and yet they still sell them?!

You go into Mothercare and there they are, all in beautiful boxes, usually with little lacy bits around the ankle. Sure, they’re cute. Sure I considered buying them a few times. When I finally did, it was a complete waste of time.

Are Baby Socks Even Worth It?

Well, usually my little girl would be in sleepsuits so we never really needed socks. However, there would be occasions where I wanted her to wear a pair of leggings and her feet would get cold. This is the only reason I purchased a set of socks. I wish I never had. They would go on fine, but literally two minutes later they’d have fallen off. There is clearly something super wriggly about baby feet!

So, I basically ended up buying a load of footed leggings for our little one. She lived in footed leggings and tops or sleepsuits.

What About Needing Baby Socks For Shoes?

Well, the latest advice is to keep baby out of shoes for as long as physically possible. We bought our little girl her first pair of shoes when she was just about to start walking. She was pulling up and cruising around furnitue so on her feet a lot of the time.

She now only wears shoes when we go out and even then only when we can find them! She has a habit of hiding them.

What Baby Socks Do You Use Now?

However, now that my girl is 15 months old, she wears socks almost every single day. Her feet get cold in our house during the day (now that it’s nearing autumn) so we needed her to be in socks. The only problem we faced was our hard wood flooring… she would slip very regularly in socks but I didn’t want her to be cold obviously.

I managed to find this awesome set of baby/toddler socks on that have grippy bits on the bottom. They are absolutely awesome and because they’re only £10 or so for like 14 pairs I thought they were really good value for money.

I’m really happy with them and they are really good at gripping the floor. She never slips in these and she is running around all day – as toddlers do!

I’d definitely recommend getting these if you’re struggling to keep bubs feet warm but don’t want them slipping on your floors.

The designs on the left aren’t the only ones they do. The ones we got were more girly and there are loads of great designs.


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