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Fisher Price Cookie Jar Shape Sorter Review

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For us, this is a very recent purchase (maybe had it a month or two now) but it’s such a great toy that I had to do a review and tell you all why my daughter and I love it so much.

The Fisher Price Cookie Jar Shape Sorter is an interactive toy that teaches numbers, shapes and sorting skills. My daughter absolutely loves playing with this. Admittedly at the moment she’s not quite up to posting all the right shapes through the right holes but she doesn’t half give it a good try! The toy keeps her entertained for a long stretch and I really feel like she’s learning when we play.

What is the Fisher Price Cookie Jar Shape Sorter?

So, this product has a few names, I’ve seen it called the Fisher Price Cookie Jar as well as the Fisher Price Baby Smartronics Cookie Shape Surprise but basically it’s an interactive shape sorting toy which helps babies learn numbers, shapes and sorting skills. It has fun music and sing along type songs which help baby learn and keep her


The product itself is quite large but not excessive and so it’s easy for my daughter to play with it and move it around. She even tries to carry it around with her sometimes (although I do worry she’ll drop it on her toes sometimes!). There are five shapes including triangle, heart, star, circle and square and each are numbered. You can change the settings to either count or name the shape. The jingles are catchy but not annoying which is good because my daughter plays with this a lot.

What makes the Fisher Price Cookie Jar Shape Sorter great?

We love this toy and it gets played with basically every day in our home. My¬†daughter is one and has just¬†started to learn shapes properly and this really helps. She loves the catchy tunes – I even sing along to them sometimes which she finds hilarious. I genuinely feel like this toy keeps her attention and we play with it for a long time given that it’s just a shape sorter.

She loves to lift the lid off and pull shapes out. She usually gives them to me to show her how to do it first and then she tries herself. She’s not great at it just yet but she’s getting the hang of it very quickly and we have a great time playing with it.

The shapes are nice and chunky which helps her hold them and move them around to get them in the right position which is good. I like the fact that she can take the lid off and when she puts her hand inside it triggers the songs. It teaches her cause and effect and that her actions make things happen which is good.

I honestly can’t fault the thing – it’s a brilliant take on the classic shape sorting toy. We have another shape sorter but it’s just a basic box with a lid with shapes in. My daughter much prefers this interactive toy because it keeps her engaged and keeps her wanting to learn.

What makes the Fisher Price Cookie Jar Shape Sorter bad?

The only downside I’d say is that the shapes aren’t perfect. What I mean is that the square for example only goes in one way. This frustrates me sometimes because my daughter has the square in the right place and is trying to put it in the hole but because it’s not quite the right way round, she thinks it’s wrong. This seems a bit odd to me given that she’s just learning and shouldn’t be discouraged like that but it could just be me that’s bothered by this.

I guess one positive is that she’ll be very good at working out how to fit things into holes – even things that aren’t perfectly square. The same goes for the triangle and the circle. Shapes that should be the same all the way around, aren’t. It’s not a big deal and it’s definitely not a reason to not buy this – just be aware that your child may get a little frustrated until they’ve learnt the specifics of this toy and it’s shapes.

Overall it’s one of my daughters favourite toys at the moment. She’s just over one and plays with this on a daily basis and is regularly asking me to turn it on so she can listen to the tunes and learn. I really enjoy playing with this with her and I think it’s a must have for anyone looking for an interactive shape sorting toy.

You can buy the Fisher Price Cookie Jar Shape Sorter on by clicking here.

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