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Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker Review

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When my daughter was only a few weeks old, I purchased a zebra soft toy from Tesco and ever since she’s had a bit of a soft spot for zebras. When I saw the Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker I just knew my daughter would love it and I was right!

What is the Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker?

Much like the VTech First Steps Walker which I already reviewed, the Zebra Walker is a walking aid that helps with gross motor skills, fine motor skills, sensory and curiosity and discovery. It’s an interactive toy that has a front panel that has activities for children to play such as a folding flap book page, spinning ball and flashing buttons etc. It teaches ABCs and numbers too.

It plays songs and talks too. It keeps baby moving by encouraging steps and talking to keep baby moving and interested. There is an easy grip handle which makes it easy for baby to grab and move the walker around etc. The big wheels help too.

It doesn’t have as many features as other walkers on the market but for us it’s a favourite.

What Makes The Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker Great?

For us it’s close between this and the VTech Walker but we usually opt for the Zebra when choosing which one to give to our daughter and she tends to prefer this over her Vtech for walking. Not only is it lighter weight but for usĀ 

with a really high pile carpet (shaggy rug), we find this one easier for her to move around – the front of the walker is higher on this one than on the VTech and I think the wheels make it feel sturdier as she tends to prefer this one.

We find this one interacts more with our daughter – the VTech is great but the Zebra walker talks to her as she walks and plays tunes and encourages her to keep moving and keep walking when she’s started. She finds the front fascinating as well – the book page flap is really fun for her and alphabet and numbers songs are catchy (luckily not too annoying either!).


What Makes The Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker Bad?

The only downside we can think of with the Zebra walker is that it doesn’t have as much on the front panel in terms of things to do – the VTech has more. However, it still has plenty to keep baby entertained. Our daughter loves this walker and unlike the VTech, she has never fallen backwards onto her bottom with it. It’s sturdier I think.

Overall, both the VTech and Fisher Price Zebra Walker are both fantastic toys and I highly recommend both of them – I own both toys and my daughter loves both but I’d say the Zebra usually has the edge most times, but only just!

You can buy the Fisher Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker on by clicking here

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