Halloween Activities For Toddlers
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Halloween Activities For Toddlers & Babies

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Halloween is a tricky one when you have a baby. Our daughter is 16 months old so old enough to understand and enjoy some aspects of Halloween but not old enough to do trick or treating. We don’t have any friends with older children so it’s a difficult one to organise. Luckily, I’ve found some Halloween Activities for Toddlers and Babies which I’m excited to try this year and I thought I’d share them with you guys.

Crafty Halloween Activities for Toddlers & Babies

No Mess Pumpkin Painting

Halloween Activites For Toddlers
Credit: SunnyDayFamily.com

I read this idea online here and it’s a really cool way to let toddlers feel involved without creating a huge amount of mess. In fact, if you do this right, you won’t have any mess at all!

Basically, get yourself some of those mini pumpkins from the supermarket and some paint (acrylic is best). Place three blobs on paint inside a plastic container that has a secure lid. Place the pumpkin inside and close the lid tightly. Let your toddler run about like a looney shaking the tub and then after a while, take out your pumpkin and it’ll look a little something like the pumpkin on the right. Pretty cool!


Paper Plate Pumpkin Painting

Halloween Activities For Toddlers
Credit: ClaresLittleTots.co.uk

This one is one of my favourite Halloween activities for toddlers and is great for slightly older toddlers but babies can give it a good go. Basically you buy those cheap paper plates, some orange baby safe paint (think crayola) and then give them freedom to paint the plate orange as best as they can.

You can then add (or they can depending on their age) the black eyes, nose and mouth as well as a green stalk using coloured paper and some glue and ta-da!

A paper plate pumpkin!

You can make a few and hang them up around the house. Great for younger ones and good fun – plus not too messy!


Sensory Halloween Activities for Toddlers and Babies

Halloween Sensory Bin Ideas

If you want something simple to do with your toddler at Halloween then a sensory bin could be an idea. We will probably try one this year. As an example, here’s what I’m planning:

  • Lentils (because they’re orange)
  • Plastic spiders/ghoulies from poundland
  • Munchkin Pumpkins from Tesco
  • Other bits and pieces Halloween themed
  • A large tub/washing up bowl

Basically I’m just going to throw everything in a tub and then let my daughter play – supervised – with it all. She loves to dig around in what we’re doing so this will be great fun for her – I hope!

Slimy Spaghetti Halloween Fun

Credit: handsonaswegrow.com

I saw this idea here and it looks super cool so I’ll definitely give this a go as well – in fact, we might even make colourful spaghetti to eat for Halloween dinner! Basically you cook up a load of spaghetti and then use food colouring to make it Halloween-y so purples, blacks and orange etc. then add some oil to keep it super slimy and then let your bubba play!

You could even add things in with the spaghetti like mozzarella balls or cherry tomatoes and pretend they are eye balls!

You can add buckets and utensils to add to the experience and I will definitely be doing that. I can’t wait to try this one. No doubt my little girl will love playing with this lot and chucking it every where! Might be an idea to do this one in the kitchen or somewhere easy to clean up after.

All these Halloween activities for toddlers seem really fun and I can’t wait to try them out. It’s odd trying to celebrate Halloween without the sweeties but I think it’s important to look at activities that don’t involve trick or treating – especially when you have a younger bubba. I think if we knew a family with an older child who were going trick or treating then we’d probably join in but if you’re going it alone this year with a younger baby/toddler then these ideas should help!

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