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VTech First Steps Baby Walker Review

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Around the time that our daughter started pulling up onto furniture was the time we decided it might be an idea to buy a walker. The obvious choice was the VTech First Steps Baby Walker. It’s hugely popular and probably the one everyone recognises.

What Is The VTech First Steps Baby Walker?

Designed to aid baby’s first steps, the VTech Baby Walker is an interactive “noisy” toy which not only helps them take their first steps, but also has a huge number of interactive games to play on the front panel. This “learning centre” panel is detachable and helps teach numbers, words, shapes, animals and colours.

The most famous part of these walkers is the mobile phone which rests on the side of the front panel. It’s great fun for role-play and imagination play. There are also moving gears, shape sorters, barn door and rollers to help develop manipulative skills. It really is a multi functional toy and you get a lot for your money.

Obviously, the main appeal of this is the walker part. It helps baby develop walking motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

What Makes The VTech First Steps Baby Walker Great?

We’ve had ours for about 4 months now and our daughter uses it on a daily basis. She loves the front panel and to be honest she spends just as much time playing with the toys on the front as she does using it to walk around. I love the variation of play on the learning centre panel. It gives her lots of options. Sometimes she just wants to press the sun over and over again and other times she will literally sit in amazement and genuinely show interest in learning what the piano style buttons along the button have to teach her.

When it comes to “noisy toys” I’ve never been a huge fan and I’m really picky when it comes to accents, voices and how the recordings sound. This one is actually not too bad. The little jingles aren’t too annoying and you actually find yourself singing along!

What Makes The VTech First Steps Baby Walker Bad?

There are limited bad points for me on this one. It’s a great toy and the only downsides I can think of are the fact that very occasionally she has fallen backwards and pulled the walker onto herself – she hasn’t done this for a while though and to be fair it was probably just her learning the limits.

The only other issue I have is how low the front end is. We have a high pile shaggy rug in the living room and she struggles to push it along sometimes. We do have another walker which I have reviewed separately that manages the carpet fine as it has a higher front end.

Overall Thoughts On The VTech First Steps Baby Walker

In all honesty, this is a great toy and well worth the price tag. The main objective of helping with first steps and walking confidence is definitely achieved and our daughter loves it and uses it every day. She will probably continue to use it even when she’s confidently walking as well. The front learning centre panel is really versatile and I like the fact that it doesn’t just do one thing repeatedly.

I’d highly recommend the VTech Baby Walker and I can definitely see why it’s the most popular walker on the market today.

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