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VTech Musical Rhymes Book Review

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From a very young age, babies tend to like to open and close flaps. Lift the flap and folding door toys are always a big hit with young children and toddlers. My daughter is no exception and for a long time I wanted to buy her a book – not just a board book, a proper interactive book that would keep her turning pages and learning.

The VTech Baby Musical Rhymes Book is the first one I saw and to be honest, while there are others on my list to buy, this one has served us well and is the only thing my daughter consistently plays with every single day. We take it with us if we go to grandparents, we usually take it with us in the car too. She just loves it.

What is the VTech Baby Musical Rhymes Book?

Featuring 6 popular nursery rhymes, the VTech Baby Musical Rhymes Book is an electronic toy for babies which helps develop early language skills and basic reading concepts. The recommended age is from 3 months until 2 years. My daughter is one year old and plays with this every day – she’s had it since she was around 6 months old.

There are piano keys on the right hand side which teach instrument names, colours and sounds. You can also set it to play as you press the keys. There are six pages total and they are all very brightly coloured and some feature moving interactive things such as slide and push buttons etc.

The nursery rhymes included are as follows…

  • Hey Diddle Diddle
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • Little Miss Muffet
  • The Mulberry Bush
  • Old MacDonald

The plastic pages are wipe clean and it’s really one of the best toys we’ve got for our daughter. She loves it and regularly asks me to turn it on so she can sit in her Toddler Rocker and read through the pages.

What makes the VTech Baby Musical Rhymes Book great?

Given that it’s just a toy book, this has a lot to offer as a toy. There are not only the six pages which have slide, twist and push attachments, but there’s also the piano keys on the side. These keep my daughter entertained for a long time (which isn’t long for a toddler!).

We find the songs entertaining and I always prefer classic nursery rhymes to new modern stuff.

The singer isn’t annoying – I’m really picky about noisy toys and I found this to be actually quite nice – no silly accents on baby voices. It’s nice and simple and teaches the songs in a clear voice with music that’s not too intrusive.

There is the usual volume control on most kids toys – the normal and then slightly louder option. We usually only need this on the lower setting and my daughter can hear it well.

What makes the VTech Baby Music Rhymes Book bad?

There’s nothing really bad about this book to be honest. It’s a great toy and one of many we plan on getting. You can’t go wrong with a book – and teaching baby to read and learn language and reading concepts is very important. This toy will do exactly that and we hear it playing almost constantly in our house and we aren’t annoyed with it yet!

My daughter often shows me the book and asks me to switch it on if it’s been tidied away but most of the time we leave it on and she finds it and starts reading.

I highly recommend this as a starter book. We’re planning to get more but so far this one has been all we’ve needed.

You can buy the VTech Baby Musical Rhyme Book on by clicking here.

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