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WinFun Activity Table Review

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The WinFun Activity Table is a great toy which we managed to get second hand at a mum2mum market. It was a great purchase and to be honest, I’d definitely have paid full price for this thing.

What is the WinFun Activity Table?WinFun Activity Table

Designed for babies from the age that are just pulling up to stand and maybe cruising all the way to toddler who are discovering new things every day, the WinFun Activity Table is an activity table covered with all sorts of exciting things for a little one to discover, learn and play with.

There is a circular alphabet “train track” in the middle (although our second hand version came without a train!) where the train can go around and as it does, it plays and sings the alphabet. Around this track, and in the middle, there are other activities such as the folding winged butterfly, the night and day switch, the rolling ball and of course, the train controls! There’s also piano keys and some flowers that you press and they play music.

The train controls are particularly fun as they make train noises and when music is playing from the flowers on the table, the train speed control speeds up or slows down the music. There’s also a train horn.

It’s great and has kept our daughter well entertained for hours – and I literally mean hours. She can stand by that thing and walk around it playing with all the different things for a good 15 minutes and that’s a long time for a toddler to be entertained!

What makes the WinFun Activity Table great?

We decided we wanted an activity table for our daughter when she was cruising around furniture and we realised she’d be able to support herself on an activity table and then could play stood up. We looked at them online and saw a few of the more popular ones like the Fisher Price or VTech ones.

WinFun Activity TableI was planning a trip to a mum2mum market at our local school hall with some friends who were expecting so I thought I’d see if I could find one there. To my surprise there were lots available but when I saw this one I really wanted it. At the time I didn’t realise that there was supposed to be a train (you know how it is at these mum2mum markets!) but it didn’t really even detract from all the other features on this thing.

The WinFun Activity Table was more unique than any others I’d seen and to be honest, it looked more exciting. The colours were more interesting and it seemed to have more on it than others we’d looked at online.

I managed to grab a bargain but I do now wish I’d bought one new – the train is quite important for the alphabet part to work properly!

I love this thing so much that I even emailed the company to ask if they would supply a train to fit on my daughters second hand table!

Unfortunately, they were unable to help so if she still shows an interest in this thing in the next few weeks (you know how quickly they grow out of things) I will probably buy a new one just so we can learn the alphabet with the train!

The legs come off for storage and you can even use just the table on it’s own on the floor without the legs so it makes it quite compact if you’re taking it with you somewhere.

What makes the WinFun Activity Table bad?

To be honest, I actually can’t think of much! The only downside I guess is that it is quite large. There are smallerActivity Table by WinFun activity tables out there so if you’re short on space then this one might not be the best option – although the size difference is marginal really.

It is exceptionally loud. We actually ended up putting masking tape over the speaker (lol) because even the quieter setting (it has two volume options like most baby toys) is rather loud. The tunes and talking isn’t annoying or anything, it’s just really loud and when your baby reaches the age of being able to turn things on, you can’t even get away with that – hence the masking tape.

Overall thoughts on the WinFun Activity Table

To be honest, all these activity tables are much of a muchness but this one for me was really interesting compared to the others. I found it to be more appealing both in terms of looks and in terms of what it actually does. For little ones who want to play standing and for older babies and toddlers, this thing is great.

You can buy the Train Alphabet Activity Table on by clicking here.


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